AXA - Kaiserlei Offenbach/M.

AXA Kaiserlei Offenbach/M.

Construction of an office development for  circa 570 employees of AXA Konzern AG.
The building layout is in the form of two parallel buildings  aligned along the Berliner Straße, which are connected by a link structure connecting the buildings. The overall external dimensions of the H-shaped building is approximately 62 x 44 m. The development is  6-storey high and includes a Rooftop Plant area. The top floor is staggered at the west elevation by about 11 m back and forms a spacious roof terrace.

The Ground floor is enclosed  by an Aluminium Stick Facade. The main façade above groung  floor is also designed as an Aluminium Stick  Façade, attached to a solid spandrel, with integrated opening elements.  The solid spandrel areas are closed with a Rainscreen Cladding made of pressed  Aluminium Panels. The façade of the central link structure will be designed as a 2-storey Stick System Façade with various opening elements and doors in the foyer area. The main facade between the 2nd and 4th floor are also closed with a floor-to-ceiling height Stick System Façade. The plant area on the Roof will be cladwith an Aluminium Louvre Screen attached to a steel sub-structure.

The building will receive a DNGB certification in gold.

Client: Projektges. Kaiserlei mbh & Co.KG | Becken Development GmbH, Hamburg
Main Contractor: Dreßler Bau GmbH, Aschaffenburg
Architect: Structurelab GmbH, Düsseldorf
Specialist engineer: Christian Bonik GmbH, Bensheim
Projectmanager: WPV Baubetreuung GmbH, Frankfurt/M.
Construction management: WPV Baubetreuung GmbH, Frankfurt/M.
Year of construction: 2018-2019
Location: Berliner Straße 298-300, D - 63065 Offenbach/M.

Range of services: approx. 5.700 m² Aluminium Stick System, approx. 2.400 m² Metal Rainscreen Cladding, approx. 700 m² Louvre Cladding