Bosch Research Campus Renningen

Bosch Research Campus Renningen

The largest premises on the research campus is the 60 m high central building. It forms the core element of the new research location. The building shell, which is positioned on a 2-storey plinth-type high-rise building was created by the FKN Group.

Project: Bosch Research Campus Renningen

Client: Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart

Architect: Bosch AIG

Technical Engineer: IPF Integrale Fassadenplanung Argenbühl

Year of construction: 2013-2015

Building parameters: Net floor space: 30,000 m2, Gross space content: 200,000 m3, Storey height Floor 3 - Floor 11: 4.25 m, Storey height Floor 12: 5.55 m, Support grid: 7.20 m

Scope of services: Approx. 6,725 m2 aluminium façade elements, approx. 1,070 m2, aluminium post-shaped cross bar façade, approx. 1,785 m2 smooth sheet metal architectural cladding, approx. 4,200 m2 sun protection system blinds made of round, low reflection, horizontal metal arranged blinds