Office Building Lincoln Offices II

Office Building Lincoln Offices II

Office Building Lincoln Offices II, Abraham-Lincoln-Park 3, Wiesbaden

The 7-storey building has an external dimension of approx. 100 x 45 m and a height of up to approx. 26 m. It has a basement, a ground floor and 6 upper floors.
The basic shape of the building consists of two elongated and staggered building blocks, which are connected by a 6-storey central building (including the ground floor). The top floor jumps back to Abraham-Lincoln-Park street as a staggered floor.
Due to the sloping terrain in the north-eastern part, the ground floor is buried into the ground on Berliner Strasse.


The Aluminium Ribbon Windows will be delivered unitised
Metal surfaces are powder coated. 
The podium receives full height glazing, whereas the upper floors windows are mounted to a solid parapet which is clad with Aluminium Rainscreen panels.
The drainage of the facade is concealed.

Sun Protection

The motorised external venetian blind is controlled on a room by room basis in order to provide best sun protection to the work spaces behind.

The building will receive DGNB Gold certification.

Project: Office Building Lincoln Offices II, Abraham-Lincoln-Park 3, Wiesbaden

Client: Projektges. Lincoln Offices II Gmbh & Co.KG, Hamburg | Becken Development GmbH, Hamburg

Main Contractor: Dreßler Bau GmbH, Aschaffenburg

Architect: Structurelab GmbH, Düsseldorf

Specialist engineer: DS-Plan GmbH, Stuttgart

Projectmanager: dk real estate, Frankfurt/M.

Year of construction: 2020 - 2021

Location: Abraham-Lincoln-Park 3, 65189 D - Wiesbaden

Range of services: approx. 1.800 m² Stick System Facade, approx.    5.650 m² Ribbon Windows, approx. 5.100 m² Metal Cladding, (Rainscreen Cladding, Soffit Cladding,Louvres, Coping), approx. 7.200 m² External Sun Protection Devices, approx. 2.680 m Horizontal Lamellas