Tower 185 Frankfurt am Main

Tower 185 Frankfurt am Main

Tower 185 consists of a horseshoe-shaped main building with a natural stone facade. From this foundation, two high-rise halves ascend with an aluminium-glass facade which is enclosed with a glazed central part. Together they form the actual tower. The architecture is from the Frankfurt office of Prof. Christoph Mäckler Architects. The use of forms comes from Mäckler´s understanding of a rematerialised modern age, they stand equally for timeless elegance and the sustainable use of resources which are more and more scare.


Tower 185

Project: Tower 185 Frankfurt am Main

Client: Vivico Frankfurt Tower 185 Projekt GmbH + Co. KG, Frankfurt am Main

ArchitectProf. Christoph Mäckler, Frankfurt am Main

Technical Engineer: a+f Architektur & Fassadenplanung, Frankfurt am Main

Year of construction: 2009 - 2011

Scope of services26,800 m² aluminium element construction with a total of 2,730 lowering and folding wings and 430 rotating wings, 10,900 m aluminium sheet pilaster strips between aluminium element façades, 6,600 m² aluminium sheet work, 6,400 m² aluminium window constructions, partially with impact plates, 6,300 m² composite heat insulation system in inner yard areas (WDVS), 1,700 m² aluminium and steel P-B façades, 700 m² aluminium lamellar panelling, 400 m² door and gate constructions, 120 m² fire protection façades