Unity Square Nottingham

Unity Square Nottingham

Office Building Unity Square

The 50m high building is located in the heart of Nottingham.
Beside the office areas in the upper floors, there is a Entrance Lobby and several meeting rooms located at Ground Floor. The façade at Level 9 is recessed and forms a roof terrace.

The Structural Glazed Unitized Curtain Wall includes full height glazing and solid metal spandrel units with external aluminium features. Accentuating Aluminium Fins are located at the corners of the building as well as at certain floor slabs.

The Aluminium Stick System at the podium of the building is running over 2 storeys, and will create a double height appearance of the entrance area.

Project: Unity Square, GB-Nottingham
Client: Bowmer & Kirkland, GB- Derbyshire
Architect: 5plus architects, GB-Manchester
Specialist engineer: Wintech Limited, GB-London
Projectmanager: Bowmer & Kirkland, GB- Derbyshire
Construction management: Bowmer & Kirkland, GB- Derbyshire
Year of construction: 2019-2020
Location: Queensbridge Rd, GB-Nottingham
Range of services: approx. 8.500m² Unitised SG Curtain Wall with external Aluminium Feature Cladding, approx. 600m² Aluminium Stick System with integrated Circular Sliding Doors