A high energy efficiency in buildings is a key element for the energy transition concept. ecoFACE is therefore a pioneering element in the history of façade insulation.

The demands on façade elements are increasing constantly and new buildings are developing into complex state of the art systems. In collaboration with Evonlk, we have developed the innovative ecoFACE. This patented innovative thermal insulation system is efficient and characterises itself with an extremely thin construction depth. It is a leading example for a climate-friendly future and enables extensive energy savings. The CALOSTAT® thermal insulation panel is based on the pure mineral raw material silicon.

The new high-performance thermal insulation technology has a number of outstanding properties. The most important: It is not combustible. For architects and façade planners, the ecoFACE provides completely new approaches to energy efficiency and fire protection. It can be used in both new buildings as well as for the refurbishing of existing buildings. By combining different thermal insulation and cladding layers, the panels can be adapted to the respective requirements, not only with their appearance but also for their thermal insulation effect.