Façades give buildings a face. They are a defining design character for the architectural concept and combine aesthetics with modern building technology and environmental awareness.

We implement modern architecture with technology. As a leading international façade construction company, our core competency lies in modern element façade construction. Implementing a harmonious façade is the perfect way to make the building into a successful structure. The materials which can be utilised are numerous and varied: high-quality and unique façades made of aluminium, steel, glass, natural stone or single-shell alloys accentuate the building visually and, at the same time, fulfil the highest international environmental standards through the use of the latest thermal insulation technologies.

We create new large-scale projects or revitalise older buildings by refurbishing them with our façade elements. With our high-level of production know how, the innovative in-house design department, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and worldwide mobile assembly teams, we are setting new benchmarks in our business segment. After the construction phase, FKN customers benefit from our outstanding service capabilities. Façades are more than just a building envelope as far as we are concerned.

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Element Façades

The use of element façades is preferred today, as this results in extremely short construction times for many projects. Element façade constructions permit efficient manufacturing and rapid final assembly at the construction site using construction cranes or truck-mounted cranes or manipulators. Normally, element façades are at least one storey high and include all the relevant components of a façade, such as glass, insert elements and solar protection. The façades can either be designed as single or as double-shell constructions.


PR Façades

A post and rail construction is a façade system comprising of load-bearing profiles. Normally, the load is supported via vertical posts. The profile dimensions are variable in both the visible width and the construction depth, and can be adapted to the respective statics requirements.





Rows of windows

Classically, the term window façade means the horizontal arrangement of uniform-shaped windows, where permanent glazing alternates with opening casements. Rows of are used in industrial and office buildings. A uniform façade view is created through the use of rows of windows.







Architecture is art, step by step we transfer architecture with competent planning into the design of a building. The FKN Group develops constructive solutions for the highest demands of innovative planners and builders.


Here at the FKN Group, we have long understood that sustainability for CO2 reduction and the energetic certification of buildings are more important than ever before.


We ensure that our modern business premises and production plants are always up to date with continuous investment programmes to maintain the highest possible technical levels. Our highly qualified employees are an invaluable building block for quality.


The professional work of FKN Assembly teams, combined with the greatest possible flexibility, guarantee high quality and deadline-assured delivery. Our customer service team executes maintenance works in a qualified manner.

New Projects
TwelveTrees Park development

The VMU of the facade of the 33-storey Residential Tower SO1A within the TwelveTrees Park development in London has been a great achievement and we are now getting ready for the Performance Mock-up.

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